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Camping Guidelines


The field we camp on is private property and we are very fortunate to get to use it, the following guidelines should help us maintain this opportunity:


  • The field will not be ready for camping until 3:00 PM on Friday.  Don't plan to arrive until then.
  • $10 fee per night, per camper, tent or trailer.  Paid in cash; have your camping money ready before you arrive, or pay your fees at registration.
  • If you are planning on dropping off a trailer and leaving it for the night (highly discouraged) you need to pay for it.
  • Absolutely no unattended horses overnight; no leaving a horse at a trailer and sleeping in a different lot or away from the fairgrounds.  You need to sleep near enough to catch your horse if it escapes!
  • No saving spaces or marking off your site early.  First come, first served.
  • Clean up all your trash, if there is no dumpster on the fairgrounds take it home with you.
  • Keep your dogs on a leash.
  • No riding on the grass, at all, ever. No exceptions.