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2018 Stanwood-Camano Fair is August 3, 4, 5. SVH will participate on August 5th this year, so get your western attire ready! 

Events:  Poles, 2 Barrels Flags, Western Jumping and Stake,
if time permits we will run another individual event after team.
​Team Events: Ribbon Race, Rescue Race, and Exchange.

Wear your western wear, this is required!
  We are exhibitors at the Fair, and are expected to look the part.
​  No tank tops, or shorts!
 Anyone not wearing western attire will not be allowed to participate.

This is a great place to show off your fancy shirts, belts and hats!!

Anyone under 18 must wear a helmet​ at fair. It is a fairgrounds requirement and we will not be able to allow anyone under 18 to ride without one.

More Fair Information:·         
* Points earned at Fair go toward day point awards, given out at the end of the day.
* Team events do not count toward individual point totals for the day.  Instead, we will give out payouts to the top 3 teams in each event. Team will be broken into Junior and Down and Intermediate and Up.
* Passenger car parking in the field is completely prohibited. If you have an extra car you will be directed to the fair parking across the street. Pay the parking fee and help out the fairgrounds and the riders!
*Extra Wristbands can be purchased the day of the show.​  
*Sign up Sheet Link is below.
*See entry form for age groups.  Age groups are subject to change!

         *Camping is highly discouraged!  ​Please see the Stanwood-Camano fair website for more information about camping.

Stanwood-Camano Community Fair Website

FAIR ENTRY FORM - postmarked by July 28th please

Fairgrounds Release Form (if have not completed one yet this year)