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SVH is pleased to offer a Novice Class for the Summer Series. The NOVICE class is for anyone who is truly a novice rider or brand new to gaming. This class is designed to encourage new riders, parents of children already riding, husbands or wives supporting their spouse, or anyone who just wants to learn and get involved in this fun sport.  Anyone with 1 year horse experience or less is welcome to join.  If you have some experience but have never gamed before, this may be your class. Please remember this class is for beginner riders not horses and if you are an experienced rider we encourage you to ride in your age group.  If after the first show, you are competitive in the majority of the events in your appropriate age group, you may be asked by the board to ride in your age group for all future shows. If you have any questions as to which group is appropriate for your riding abilities, please ask a board member. (When saddles are awarded as a year-end award, the Novice class is not eligible to win a saddle. Year-end awards are given to the top 4 in the Novice age group.)

2019 Summer Schedule